Overland Track

Overland Track
Visiting Tasmania, want a long distance walk, the Overland Track is the GO. Some 8000 people do each year.
Given this demand you have to book a time slot and pay $200 for the privilege. Huts along the way are free. If you do not want to spend $200 and bother with booking this can be done from June to September. There is a reason, it will be cold and potentially hazardous with the snow.
The Overland Track is a  well defined trail with boardwalk in many places crossing alpine plateaus, traversing dense forest and meandering around sparkling lakes and tarns.
Most walkers allow five days to cover the 65 km, but can be longer or shorter. Runners have done it in a day. There are a number of side tracks to provide extra for those wanting more including the chance to climb Cradle Mountain.
The walk starts at Cradle Mountain and completes at Lake St Clair where a ferry takes you back to civilisation at Derwent Bridge. This last section can be hiked and then makes the total 82 km.
From June to September walkers are allowed to go in the reverse direction.
Along the way are many huts. These you do not book and take your chance. You are asked to carry a tent as huts can be full at peak times. Water is available but nothing else.
A hassle, being a point to point walk is transport at the start and finish. Apart from a National Park visitor centre at each end there is no accommodation at the start and end point. The nearest at both ends is not cheap. Public transport is not readily available and so the best option is to book a transfer company.

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