9 Quirky Reasons to Visit Mt Mawson Ski Resort

9 Quirky Reasons to Visit Mt Mawson Ski Resort

Australia’s smallest ski resort, Mt Mawson in Tasmania is a little different. We show you why.

1 – Wear a dangly bit

To ride the hill, clip your hanging dangle to a rope taking care not not tangle your dangle and be dragged through wooden fences into a revolving pulley.

ski mt field

2 – Cheapest ski pass in Australia

The smallest ticket office in the green shed and costs just $30. Be served by friendly volunteers. And no queue!

ski tickets mt mawson

3.  Walk up a mountain

A 30 minute walk from the car park. No bus, no chairlift, just great views and wildlife. But you can ski down!

Ski tasmania

4. Pee in a container

That’s the resort base station! At least there is a toilet in the container.

Mt Mawson ski

 5 – Lie in the snow

Plenty of sun, no deckchairs, no problem the snow is soft.

skiing tasmania

6 – Help Out

Mt Mawson is run by volunteers so lend a hand digging out the tows in the morning.

skiing mt field

7 – Take in views

Next stop is Antartica and Argentina looking over the remote South West Wilderness area. The fences built by the volunteers stop the Antarctic gales.

ski mt mawson

8 – Ski Unprepared Pistes

Enjoy the short natural pistes with something for everyone. No piste bashers.

skiing mt field

9 – Drive up a mountain

Reach the Lake Dobson car park climbing 16km through forest and moorland. On some days have fun fitting chains.

mt field

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